Performance Testing
We bench test all of our motors after final assembly using state of the art test equipment. These tests allow us to make certain that our refurbished motors are fault free before being dispatched.

Welcome to Greenwoods Electrical Services

Greenwoods Electrical Services is a family run business based in Darlington.

Our Staff bring their long experience in the business of pump and motor repair to help clients to keep their motors and pumps functioning efficiently.

Volute Repairs
Submersible Pumps
Submersible pumps work in arduous conditions and, over time, efficiency reduces as impellers wear.The drive motors can develop faults in their windings that can, at best, reduce efficiency or cause the motor fail.
Armature Winding
Greenwoods offer a full electrical and mechanical repair service for AC and DC motors. We are also coil manufacturers, commutator repairers and balancing etc.
Corrosion can severely damage the casing walls of the volute. These can be repaired cost effectively in our workshops thus avoiding the need to purchase replacement parts.
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